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This Little Light of Mine

Happy Monday! Since we are pretty close to starting our first floor reno, I am letting myself start making purchases for our new house. It has been so hard not to for these past 8 months but I will definitely make up for that. HomeGoods has been knocking it out of the park lately with their lamps and I have had my eye on a couple of Ralph Lauren beauties for a while… Every time I go they are still there so I bit the bullet and grabbed them!


Now here is where it gets interesting. I went to the other HomeGoods in town and they had matches for each of these to make a pair! I think I have figured out that I will use a pair of the white in the basement (more to come on that later) but I am wondering if I will use a pair of the blue and white or just one. I would hate missing out on it and I will be able to use it somewhere, right?!


Maggie Rose

If you can get a pair, do it. You never know when you’ll want to rearrange and wish you had a second! Even if you don’t use it right away, it’ll be worth it. Especially since they are such a classic style! Actually, I might need to run to our HomeGoods and get one of the blue and white! Love it.


So pretty! I have my eye on a pair of blue/white lamps for our new formal living room. I say go for the pair for sure. Great minds, love!


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