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Rush. Hour. Hell.

Lady in front of you with the 1990′s checkbook.
Stepping right in the puddle with brand new suede.
Breaking (yet another) nail.
And—worse—no longer getting carded when buying the wine that’ll make it all better. UGH.

The outside world is hectic.
Good thing your inside world doesn’t have to be.

Welcome to Second Street East—vintage-inspired interior design for those who want swank without breaking the bank.

Hi! I’m Michelle, and we’d work perfect together if:

  • You want a place with character—sterile, matchy matchy, cold, unfeeling rooms aren’t your thing. Hallelujah!
  • Actually, you want to come home to a place that makes you feel more like you—not less.
  • You want to walk in the door and think, “Hot damn, I’m so in love with my living room!” (Quick, call the in-laws. They’ll be impressed.)
  • You want a new start—a new you, a new marriage, a new stage, a new everything. What better place to begin than the home?
  • You’re scared to death interior design will cost you an arm and a torso. (Good news: Here, we let you keep your body parts.)
  • You want to hire an interior designer but are secretly scared you’ll be judged for what you’ve done so far. (Don’t worry. You’ve got to start somewhere, right?)
  • You’re a vintage freak. Okay, you don’t to be a vintage freak, but…who doesn’t love hunting in unexpected places for that unexpected (and perfect-to-the-T) dream piece?


If we were in person, I’d smile warmly and give you a big ol’ hearty welcome. Since we’re not in person, however, I’ll just have to hope you can hear my enthusiasm through my words because your home isn’t just where the heart is—it’s where every memory you’ll make from this point forward will happen. And that’s a big deal. For me, it’s an incredible honor to help ensure that your memories are made in style. And it’s my thing.

I should have known I was going to become an interior designer from the very beginning—I can remember all the way back to the very first time I decided to re-decorate my bedroom as a little girl. My poor mother—I dragged her out to pour over wallpaper books for hours because I just had to have the perfect pattern. (Note: Yellow and Blue plaid? Only a good idea when you’re twelve.)

So naturally, here I am. And here’s Second Street East.


You might be wondering why the name Second Street East. It’s not as random as it might seem—it was actually the address where my husband and I bought our very first house, and where I really began honing my design skills. So for me, it holds a lot of meaning—memories of picking out our color scheme, finding just the right armchair, scouring the internet for artwork that would pull everything together, and then sitting down to take it all in—our new lives together, our new future together, and now, the special sanctuary where it would all begin.

I’m here to help you build your sanctuary.

Budget big or small.  Room by room. Piece by piece. Accessory by accessory. Memory by memory.

Because after all, if you can’t escape the outside chaos once you’re inside..when can you?

Welcome to Second Street East.
Interior design for the (almost) rich and famous.